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Sick Poker Tables Are Custom Built

In 2008 finding a hand-built sick poker table was difficult, and rarely were any Hold'em style tables in a store worth the cheap cardboard they were made out of.  The online presence of truly 'sick' poker tables were also scarce, and usually EXPENSIVE!!!  I felt this was odd in a world where Texas Hold'em is considered 'The Cadillac' of poker and 'sick' was slang for the best of the best, or the worst of the worst!  It made sense, but something as bipolar or 'yingyangish' as all of that needed appropriate representation...


Since then, we've ventured into many different styles of Hold'em, blackjack, roulette, and craps tables.  Our goal is to keep them all as light and as strong as possible, especially for the charitable and portable gaming experience.   Most of all, they needed to be maintainable for the sickest man cave you can imagine!   Thus, every table we've built has been made with a removable padded rail to make felt and or vinyl changes as easy as possible.  Who wants to hand down a poker table that won't stand the test of time?  Deal yourself and Ace and buy a Sick Poker Table from us! 


Thank you!

John O'Neal

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