Custom Sick Poker Table Prices  

$595.00  Base Sick Poker Table Price  

  •       Includes choice color Poly-Speed Felt

  •       Choice color vinyl & 1" HD Luxury Foam on a 1" raised & padded rail

  •       Metal folding legs recessed into the construction of the poker table

  •   NO MDF or PARTICLEBOARD, EVER, on any Sick Poker Table!  

We offer lightweight and SOLID construction on every table, guaranteed. We DO NOT use inferior raw materials for the  mere increase of profit! Our tables are built to last, and always made for easy felt changes.

  •      Choice table shape

*Dealer Max is an additional $105.00 and includes a dealer position.




Sick Poker Table Upgrades

  • $155.00 Curved or Straight dealer position cutout. ​

  • $155.00 LED lights under the rail, both dimmable and color changeable.  

  • $325.00 Make it a 9' table.

  • $105.00 metal chiprake box with Stainless Steel bill slot

  • $155.00 (9-10) Stainless Steel Double Sized Cupholders in the rail.           

Our cupholders do not sink into the rail, they actually sit flush with the surface of the rail vinyl and padding.  We also try to avoid putting cupholders into the playing felt and or chiprack/racetrack because it often interferes with the cards and poker chips during game play.  However, we will do it if it is a 'must have'.


Ours do not protrude from the bottom of the table at all.

  • $295.00  Two tone vinyl rail with evenly spaced seat positions sewn in.

Wooden Components

  •         $295.00  Double or single slide-out cupholders

  •         $205.00 Chiptrack/Racetrack w/choice color ​or stained wood

  •         $295.00  Contemporary Style Wooden Pedestal Legs

Made with pine wood and high grade sanded ply wood, 

painted black or stained.  

*Any special wood like oak is an additional $145.00 minimum.  

Please inquire for wood types not mentioned.


  •  $295.00 Custom Printed Poly-Suede or Poly-Speed Felt;  Suited or Unsuited

Custom artwork design is included, not extra!

Shipping is extra unless you buy a package deal in our storefront!